The USPS has announced a proposed rate increase for 2018. We recommend publishers add 2% to their budget to account for this increase. Click here for more details.

Similarly, Canada Post has announce a 3.7% increase for Publications Mail and a 2.1% increase for Personalized Mail to go into effect January 15, 2018. Publishers mailing to Canada should adjust their budget accordingly.

Mailing Services

You work hard to bring timely stories and content to your readers. Publication Printers Corp. provides a range of mailing services to assist you in the complete and accurate distribution of your printed pieces.

Publication Printer Corp's in house United States Postal Service, makes for the fastest, most efficient processing and distribution of your print project.

Advantages of Publication Printers Corp. mailing services:

In-House USPS
  • Rapid Delivery to Prospects and Customers – quick mail processing of your publication from the presses to your target audience
  • Mailing List Management – regular maintenance, cleaning and updating of your mailing via use of sophisticated software application
  • Maximum Possible Discount and Fastest Possible Service from the Post Office – all inclusive in-house carrier route sorting, bar-coding and destination entry
  • Reduced Cost over In-House Mailing – no expense to you for in-house mail staff and mailing equipment

To assist you in preparation of your mailing pieces download "The Guide to mailing for Business and Organizations" published by the USPS.

Want to reduce your postage costs? Try co-mailing.
Publication Printers now offers co-mailing services to qualifying publications. By combining different magazine or catalog titles into a single mailstream, we can qualify for less-costly presort rates and build pallets that qualify for deeper delivery into the postal system. The result is lower per-piece postage rates, which we pass on to you! The savings can enable you to prospect more, mail deeper into your house file, or just keep the savings to improve your bottom line.

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