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Publication Printers works hard to provide the best solutions technology has to offer, including the prepress process. We use the Kodak InSite Prepress Portal which allows our customers to share content and collaborate with multiple users on their print projects. InSite enables users to proof and manage files securely online, increasing efficiency and reducing over-all turn-around time.

Benefits of the Kodak InSite Prepress Portal

  • User-Friendly and Direct: Users can upload PDF files for automatic processing without having to purchase additional software. A web browser and a high speed internet connection are all that is required.
  • Online Proofing: Users can view fully processed high resolution files either individually or in group sessions and have the ability to communicate changes by using either Annotations or online chat. Because the Smart Review Proofing Client is built in, they can zoom to pixel level, measure dimensions, check color with a densitometer and verify color separations. If corrections are necessary, because the Insite Prepress Portal System and Prinergy Software are accessing the same digital files, changes and updates are immediately available once the file has complete processing.
  • Task-Oriented Project Log: Once files are uploaded for processing, the preflight and refining processes begins automatically. During the process, users can easily see the progress of their files.
  • Secure Login – Only pre-approved users with logins can access the system.

For customers who are already set up with InSite, click here. For customers new to InSite, please contact your Account Manager to get set up.

Uploading Files to our FTP site

Publication Printers offers the ease and reliability of sending us your art files using our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. For the convenience of our customers, we provide 4 high-speed T-1 lines to transfer files and folders quickly and easily, instead of sending large files via email.

Click here to connect to the FTP site

Download FTP instructions

Please contact your Publication Printers Corp. Account Manager for your individual folder assignment.

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